Custom-made steel and aluminum sheets: API driven design for the digitized ordering process

Designing the process of orders more efficiently, binding customers and scoring points with an innovative edge in the competition: With these objectives, the company Hadocut, service provider for individual steel and aluminum sheet cuts, wanted to largely automate the classic order process.

Our mission:

The main task was the development of a portal, through which customers can request customized quality cuts and order directly. For this project, zdreicom took over the entire project planning, including the planning and conception of the system architecture, the budgeting as well as the control and implementation of the project, which also included the cooperation with external service providers.

The automated ordering process

The customer accesses the Hadocut portal via a browser application, on which he can upload the technical sketch of the desired object as a DXF file and specify all the necessary ordering parameters such as material type, thickness and surface. While the customer data is collected via Hadocut's ERP application (customer management, accounting, etc.), the request also reaches the machine manufacturer who developed the electronic control of the cutting machines. Both, the required amount of material and the machine time that the cutting requires, are calculated in real time . The JPG preview image, which is created on the basis of the DXF file and played out as a preview image on the Hadocut portal is also provided.
By entering the data, the customer learns about the price and the delivery time of the desired object. He then can change input parameters if necessary and trigger the ordering process.

The advantages

Thanks to the complete digitalization of the ordering process, the Hadocut customer has maximum transparency with regard to costs and delivery status. Since the order can be placed around the clock and on weekends, he is not dependent on opening and service times. In addition, the susceptibility to errors of a classic analog order process is reduced to a minimum, as an automated plausibility check is carried out in the course of the request.
On the other hand, Hadocut benefits from the maximized efficiency of the ordering process, which ties up significantly less time and personnel. With this convenient service, the company can set itself apart from its competitors and delight its customers.

The Hadocut GmbH

is a medium-sized company based in the nortwestern part of Germany. Hadocut manufactures custom-made workpieces from steel and aluminum sheets for a wide variety of customers.

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