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Continuous Upgrading

The upgrade revolution for TYPO3

With the release of the current TYPO3 Long-Term Support (LTS) version, users can once again benefit from an increase in TYPO3 quality: With the new version, usability is further optimized and accessibility in the backend is increased. In addition, an optimized two-factor authentication strategy WILL be implemented. If you are already using the continuous upgrading service, you can look forward to it and sit back and relax. If not, now is a good time to rethink your upgrade strategy!

"Do I have to take care of an update now?"

It depends. If you have not agreed on continuous maintenance with your IT service provider, you should take action - all the more urgent if your application is still running with an outdated version. Because without maintenance and security releases, the security and performance of your website will deteriorate from day to day.

The good news: so that you no longer have to worry about TYPO 3 updates in the future, zdrei.com has developed the Continuous Upgrading service package, which revolutionizes the regularly required upgrade process! You can fully concentrate on the exciting possibilities of your project!

Technical innovations are indispensable for modern digital communication processes and should definitely be decoupled from content or design relaunches.
Because: Not every upgrade requires a design reshape - and vice versa.

Continuous Upgrading: Upgrades are no longer a nuisance, but an opportunity!

With our continuous upgrading package, your software is always up to date! For you, this means clear competitive advantages, because your site

     remains optimally protected
     offers the best possible performance
     is always up to date in terms of SEO technology

And: You are always the first to use newly developed features and potential. Updates are no longer a chore, but can be seen as a new opportunity. Instead of the worried question "Do I have to do something now?" You will ask yourself in the future: "What are the advantages of the new version for me?"

Continuous upgrading - how does it work?

By booking a continuous upgrading package, every project is transferred to the live system not only via the test or staging server during the upgrade development at TYPO3, but it is also checked on the upgrade server against the future TYPO3- Beta version. As a result, these projects are immediately compatible as soon as the next stable version with long-term support from TYPO3 is released. One click is enough for your page to run reliably in the new version!

Is such a service package worthwhile for me?

The simple answer is: yes! Because, in the long term, it is inevitable to adapt your application to technical developments. That means: Upgrades will occur anyway - sooner or later. However, by sitting out due adjustments, technical debts arise, which then have to be paid later. And this usually becomes significantly more expensive for three reasons:

  •     Adapting systems that are lagging an entire LTS release cycle or more is tedious for everyone involved and often involves lengthy interruptions due to the input of content.
  •     Classic upgrade projects have a high internal planning, test and budgeting effort. Feature freeze and possible project delays often result in significant opportunity costs due to lost revenue.
  •     In the case of a one-step approach, upgrades are confusing and require considerably more effort. Smaller upgrades, on the other hand, are relatively similar. This enables us to offer upgrading at a pre-defined fixed price. For you, this means that you can reliably calculate the costs for the continuous topicality of your application.

And therefore you benefit even more!

In addition to the usually much lower and therefore much more calculable costs, continuous upgrading offers you further advantages:

Uninterrupted further development of new functions

"Feature Freeze" is a thing of the past! In contrast to the classic upgrade, which is usually associated with a more or less long "break" between the decision and the final implementation, new functions can be continuously developed.

Fast import and minimization of downtime times

The upgrade can be implemented within an hour. As a rule, it takes place as part of a regular deployment. Coordination and planning are minimal. Downtime is very short or completely eliminated.

Cost security through binding service

With our service Continuous Upgrading we give you a binding guarantee to carry out maintenance and renewal work at a fixed price. For you, this means planning and cost security.

Clear separation between development of technology and content

All processes relating to maintenance and technical development are decoupled from changes in content to the structure, design or functions. This considerably simplifies all planning and implementation work.

Continuous upgrading ok - but why with zdrei.com?

zdrei.com has been converting all development processes to automation, continuous development and digital testing for years. So it was only logical to extend the principle of a process that is as continuous as possible to upgrade processes.
Since we have been testing our service package with selected customers for three years, we can already rely on sound experience. That means:

Only zdrei.com guarantees you,

  1. to be able to maintain content almost without interruption during the upgrade phase
  2. to minimize downtime to the order of 10 minutes
  3. to keep all future upgrade costs calculable with a binding price
  4. to avoid building up technical debt consistently and in the long term
  5. to ensure that your software is as up to date as possible with all advantages such as security, performance and SEO improvements as soon as the upgrade is published

- About the author -

Timo Poppinga

Timo Poppinga ist Gründungspartner der zdreicom AG und beschäftigt sich seit über 12 Jahren mit neuen Technologien und sauberem Code. Er ist zertifizierter TYPO3-Consultant und -Developer.

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