The current TYPO3 Version 11 has been released!

Features, release schedule and system requirements of TYPO3 v11

The first version of the current TYPO3 version 11 was released on December 22, 2020. The LTS (Long Term Support) version is already planned for October 2021. In this article, you will learn more about the new features, minimum requirements and the release schedule of TYPO3 v11.

The core goals of TYPO3 Version 11 (LTS)

TYPO3 v11 LTS aims to achieve the following overarching goals:

  1.  Improved usability for editors and administrators
  2. Increasing the accessibility of the TYPO3 backend
  3.  Implementation of an optimized, two-step authentication strategy

The new features of TYPO3 version 11

As always, the community has planned a variety of new features and general improvements. These features are among the planned features of TYPO3 Version 11:

Link sharing and deep linking for the TYPO3 v11 backend

Editors can share links to the active module via email, instant messaging, etc. Editors who click on the link and have the appropriate access rights will see the same page in the TYPO3 backend.

Passwords are the biggest "fail" in our industry!

Timo Poppinga CTO zdreicom AG

Modern authentication framework

With the current TYPO3 version 11, the security of TYPO3 should be further expanded. A first step - away from passwords - is an extended, multi-level authentication process (multi-factor authentication). Administrators and editors can use a secondary device (two-factor authentication) to have their login checked on the TYPO3 backend. The API can also be enabled for frontend users on a website.

Improved usability of the TYPO3 backend

The improvements of the usability of the TYPO3 backend are to be continued consistently and step by step. It should be more intuitive, user-friendly and faster for editors and administrators alike. However, details are not yet known and many changes are said to be of a more subtle nature. Let's look forward to explore!

Optimized API with TYPO3 version 11

TYPO3 v11 improves the Extbase framework, authentication process, Composer support and content persistence for workspaces. Because some changes affect third-party extensions, it was planed to deploy the changes in a timely manner (December 2020) to give admins and extension developers enough time to ensure their code continues to work smoothly in the future.

TYPO3 v11 release dates and support timeline

As usual  the release of the respective TYPO3 version 11 (v11.0 to v11.5 LTS) should take place on a Tuesday:

Version Estimated release date Planned Changes
TYPO3 v11.0 22. December 2020 New system requirements, core changes
TYPO3 v11.1 23. February 2021 Multi-Factor Authentication
TYPO3 v11.2 4. May 2021 Link Sharing (Backend)
TYPO3 v11.3 13. July 2021 to be defined
TYPO3 v11.4 7. September 2021 Feature freeze
TYPO3 v11.5 (TYPO3 v11 LTS) 5. October 2021 LTS publication

Any sprint version of TYPO3 version 11 (v11.0 to v11.4) is supported until the subsequent sprint version is released. TYPO3 v11 LTS will be supported with bug fixes until April 30, 2023, security bug fixes will be provided even until October 31, 2024 Security bug fixes for TYPO3 v11 LTS.

Higher system requirements for TYPO3 version 11

Anyone planning an upgrade to the current TYPO3 version 11 should consider the increased system requirements compared to TYPO3 v10 LTS:

  • PHP 7.4+ (TYPO3 v10 LTS supports PHP 7.2-7.4). We recommend switching to PHP 8.0 directly!
  • Database support (according to Doctrine DBAL)
  • MySQL 5.7 or higher (8.0 recommended), previously this was MySQL 5.5+
  • PostgreSQL 9.4 or later (9.6+ recommended)
  • MariaDB 10.1 or higher (10.4+ recommended)
  • SQL Server 2012 or later
  • SQLite 3 (included in PHP)

TYPO3 v11 should support the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based only)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari + Mobile Safari
  • Google Chrome + Chrome for Android

TYPO3 Version 11 requires the following libraries:

  • Doctrine DBAL 3.0
  • Symfony 5.2+
  • Twitter Bootstrap v5
  • Composer v2 for Composer-based TYPO3 installations

Our conclusion on TYPO3 Version 11

As always, we look forward to the many improvements of the new TYPO3 version. Higher system requirements make technical sense and advance TYPO3 in terms of security, features and SEO. Our highlight of the current TYPO3 version 11 so far is the multi-factor authentication. This is already standard in many web applications and significantly increases security. Otherwise we are very excited about the increased usability for administrators and editors. Are you already looking forward to TYPO3 v11 but maybe you shy away from the effort of a quick upgrade? Then take a look at our hassle-free upgrade offer "Continuous Upgrading".

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