Continuous Development
Modern Software Development

Continuous Development

How can modern applications be implemented to take advantage of new opportunities and meet long-term changes in requirements in spite of the dynamic development of markets and technologies?
Our answer to this question is Continuous Development!

Continuous optimization as a sustainable strategy for the future

Instead of tackling complex mammoth projects in one go, the challenges of ongoing change processes can be mastered better through an adaptive, evolutionary and continuous approach. This applies not only to software development itself, but also to the optimization of code, content and technology. Web applications, Search Engine Marketing and Advertising, Pagespeed and similar aspects that require continuous optimization efforts, benefit measurably and sustainably from a flexible, interactive and continuous approach.

Continuous development has significant advantages:

  • Your applications keep pace with ongoing developments - and become more powerful and faster
  • New ideas for technology, content and code can be tested quickly and inexpensively as a prototype
  • Roll-out and scaling only take place after a proof-of-concept and thorought testing
  • Projects are implemented quickly and flexibly with a short "time to market"
  • Budgets for software development and SEM are more evenly distributed and easier to plan
  • Attractive daily rates with ongoing support reduce your costs
  • The effort for training and migrations as well as the other risks of large projects are minimized
  • Websites are continuously improving - optically, in terms of content and also technically
  • Search engine rankings remain good or improve
  • When using open source software such as TYPO3, you benefit from further developments at no cost for license fees

With our strategy and experience of continuous collaboration, we recommend ourselves as a strong partner for agile software development.

Strong Partnerships instead of short-lived projects

As a strong, strategic partner for our customers - medium-sized companies, corporations and institutions - we always feel responsible for the the projects success and achieve ambitious goals together. Our long-standing customers appreciate our expertise in the areas of IT consulting and IT development and our extensive experience, for example with the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management system (ECMS).

We take care of the complete project cycle from planning and development through implementation to continuous support after the launch or relaunch. Our partners receive solutions for a wide variety of requirements and implement demanding projects with our support.

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