Efficiency as a success factor in competition

Customer relationship management was still very easy in the corner shop. Marketing was done by the shop window and a chalkboard at the entrance. Recommendations, advice and sales were made at the counter and the old order slip was still sufficient for the suppliers. There was contact and customer care before the Sunday sermon and when chatting about the weather. It was successful, if not always efficient. A little commercial thinking and emotional intelligence were enough. But, that changed, when a supermarket opened in the neighborhood.
Nothing has changed in the basic principles of maintaining customer relationships, but efficiency and speed are becoming increasingly important in the face of growing competition.

CRM systems - data acquisition and analysis, communication and targeted action

Powerful CRM systems support companies in systematically designing and optimizing customer relationships and interactions.
A data collection usually starts with address data and ranges from relevant personal data to the creation of a complete customer history. By analyzing the merged customer and transaction data, valuable information can be generated, on the basis of which behavior and value creation potential can be recognized, assessed and used for marketing, sales and the improvement of the range of services.

Centralized data management and access across teams: Benefits on many levels

With an integrated CRM system, the most diverse organizational units of a company and thus the entire organization can benefit. A number of advantages arise from the central administration of customer data and the implementation of access options by all involved departments, for example:

More effective marketing

through target group-specific/personalized campaigns and a differentiated range of products, services and prices

Strengthening sales

by better preparing sales staff for the sales talks and facilitating after-sales communication through newsletters and follow-up calls by phone

Customer-oriented support

through the immediate availability of all relevant information about interactions and buying behavior in order to convince and retain customers through tailored support

Optimizations along the supply chain

by systematically recording appointments, meetings and inquiries in order to make procurement more effective along the supply chain

increase of productivity

through the automatic generation of E-Mails and easier and faster access to information about customers, interactions, orders, payments, etc.

Creating sucessful customer relationships: supports you in the optimization and integration of CRM systems

Existing database solutions and tools for evaluating and editing relevant customer data are often not sufficient to optimally design all customer-related processes in marketing, sales and support in terms of a powerful and efficient customer relationship management. Together with you, develops a future-oriented solution and integrates it into your existing IT architecture.

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