System integration


From isolated solutions to an integrated infrastructure

Globalization and IT System Integrations have a few things in common: Systems that used to function more or less in isolation without problems and, at best, have exchanged ideas with the periphery should now act with each other and in a network. Different cultures and languages meet and, as in the analogue world, the crux is often in the details: Just think of different plug standards and voltages in the USA and Europe, and the hassle these incompatibilities can cause, as an example.

Connecting systems: as a mediator between the worlds

The task of developing a completely new IT architecture for a company from scratch rarely arises in our everyday life. Almost every expansion and/or optimization of existing infrastructure usually includes the question of how internal and, of course, also external systems can be connected and easily controlled with (ideally via prefabricated) interfaces.
Developing solutions in these environments requires not only experience and competence, but often also creativity, in order to ensure smooth, cross-system communication and create the basis for smooth business processes.

Simplifying structures - increasing efficiency and performance

Depending on the company or organisation, linking island solutions with different hardware and software solutions to form a comprehensive infrastructure means different challenges. The goal is always

  1. to reduce the complexity of the entire infrastructure
  2. to create uniform data structures
  3. to make digital business processes more efficient
  4. to develop scalable solutions that are expandable and offer high-performance even when requirements change

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