Web portals

Web portals

Information. Communication. Process controlling.

In the classic sense, a portal is a magnificent gate or an architecturally sophisticated main entrance. As a web-based platform, the web portal is basically nothing more than the entrance hall to the digital world of your company, in which you receive, inform and guide your visitors - employees, suppliers or customers.

More than "just" a website

While a classic website from the childhood of the Internet was nothing more than a window in which a company presented its services, today's web portals are far more powerful and can offer both visitors and operators a wide range of additional benefits with numerous functionalities: Future-proof Web portals are an ideal tool to optimize internal processes such as employee communication and administrative processes while providing visitors or customers with a comprehensive user and service experience.

The view from the outside

The platform can simplify information and interaction processes for internal or external users via a variety of functions: Customer self-service with services such as the bundling of article data and orders, newsletter subscriptions and also search functions which generate a high level of user satisfaction and therefore ensure long-term customer loyalty.

The view from the inside

In addition to the presentation of relevant information, numerous internal processes can also be organized via the web portal. These include, among other things, the processing of orders and order processes, the administration of customers, orders and products data or the warehouse and sales logistics. The consequence: By sustainably reducing the time and costs involved, company processes are designed more efficiently and the workflow is improved.

It's all a question of technology

A precondition for developing an efficient portal is an individual solution that is precisely tailored to the needs of your company or organization, which is not only aligned to the current requirements, but also scalable and fit for future requirements that may not be foreseeable at the present time.
zdrei.com develops a powerful portal solution for you, through which you can digitally network and optimally control communication, data management and a variety of work processes in your organization.

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