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zdreicom develops and accompanies digital transformation processes in medium-sized companies and corporations - from linking existing business processes to the transformation of analogue into digital processes and the implementation of innovative business models by developing digital structures.

The name: Why "zdrei"?

The Zuse Z3 calculating machine was the world's first functional digital computer and was completed in 1941 by Konrad Zuse in collaboration with Helmut Schreyer. Konrad Zuse was an engineer, entrepreneur and visionary - in short a pioneer who laid the foundations for today's digital world with numerous developments. He is a role model for us, not just to do what is feasible, but also to make the seemingly impossible possible in order to make visions a reality.

zdreicom: Management and locations

zdreicom was founded in 2015 by Timo Poppinga and Sven Wächli and today develops digital solutions for the world of tomorrow at its locations in Cologne, Zurich and Goch.

The mission: Shaping change!

Never before has the world of technology and communication developed as rapidly as today. For us, change is the basis of our entrepreneurial thinking and acting: Today's innovative technology may already be in the museum tomorrow. But even if this dynamic poses a great challenge for many of our customers, we can assure you: Even today it is still possible to be a little bit ahead of the times - and thus your competition!

We support you in seizing the opportunities of change for your company. When applying technological know-how and agile work processes, we appreciate transparency. In a  constructive dialogue and in a partnership-based cooperation, we actively support you in the digital transformation processes of your company and ensure that you too can not only understand the change in your competitive environment, but also actively shape it.

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